Watergirl and fireboy 4

Watergirl and fireboy 4

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Watergirl and fireboy 4

Play Watergirl and FireBoy 4: The Crystal Temple for free.

Watergirl and FireBoy, Part 4 It's a great game where you control Watergirl and Fireboy, who have to go into a temple where many things are waiting for them, like platform puzzles that test your basic knowledge of how light reflects, levers that turn lights 90 degrees, portals that take you somewhere else, plates that open up new paths, and much more.

You and your partner should be able to help each other.

This game can be played by two people on a single computer, but watergirl and fireboy can also be used to play it by yourself.
How to Play the WaterGirl Game:

Step Up With:
D will get you to the right.
Move to the left with:

How to use FireBoy to play:
Step it up with: Arrow Up
Use: Right Arrow to go right.
Move to the left by pressing the left arrow (the arrows are next to the 0 on the numeric keypad).

But that's not all. Get as many of your color's diamonds as you can and use the gates to move from one side to the other. Don't forget that the 2 must get to the end.
Fireboy and Watergirl have to get to their own color's doors at the same time, but don't forget to pick up all the gems. The adventure will get harder as you unlock more levels, so!! be careful!!
If you've already finished a temple, know that there are other temples in the Options Menu.

Crystal Temple is one of the temples that can be used.
Temple of Ice.
Temple of Light.
Temple in the forest.

If you click on one of these, you'll be taken to the page for that game, where you can keep playing from Taptapking.

Select Up Winged From (Reload Game) to play in full screen mode.
Also, remember that Fireboy is weak against water!! Watch out for it!! And fire is Watergirl's weak spot!! He shouldn't touch her! No matter if you are FireBoy or WaterGirl, the acid will kill you.

Press in (PLAY MORE GAMES) if you want to play more games with these two friends.
You can change how loud it is or turn it off.
You can change how many elements are shown in the Game.
We hope you have a good time with this fun game for one or two people.
Don't forget to play more of Kiz10's beautiful games.

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